The best Cannabis Dispensary in Pattaya!

Are you looking for an atmospheric Weed shop in Pattaya? Then you have come to the right place at Coffeeshop Amsterdam. Our Cannabis dispensary Is located in a quiet area of ​​Pattaya and is easily accessible.

  • Only the highest quality medical marijuana
  • Many Cannabis strains for the best prices



Buy pre-rolled joints!

Ready freshly rolled joints for instant smoking pleasure!
Several varieties of top weed are rotated daily in quality flowering and we offer ready to roll for the pampered or just practical weed lover.



CBD and THC Oils

THC and CBD oil has been used since the beginning of this century to treat chronic pain, stress and anxiety. Thanks to the legalization of THC and CBD oil in Thailand, Coffeeshop Amsterdam can now offer you some of the best Cannabis oils, all of very high quality, tested for purity and of organic origin.

Smoking Accessories

Coffeeshop Amsterdam has an extensive range of Cannabis smoking accessories. We supply only safe and approved quality items. Our assortment includes Bongs, Weed grinders, ashtrays, filter tips, lighters, rolling trays, pre-rolled cones, blunt glue, rolling papers and many more.

Space Cakes

At Coffeeshop Amsterdam we sell all kind of space cakes and only use organic ingredients and Cannabis, no artificial sugars and additives. We have carrot, walnut, Chocolate, and strawberry space cakes.


We sell all kinds of different bongs for smoking your favorite weed and hash. One-Hitter - Chillum - Bowl - Steam Roller - Bubbler - Straight-Tube Bong - Beaker Bong - Percolator Bong and many more.

Weed Grinders

Coffeeshop Amsterdam sell all kind of weed grinders, they are from high quality and are sold with 6 months warranty. We have stocked 2 till 5 piece weed grinders, flat grinders and electric grinders,

Weed Oil

We offer different kind of Weed oils , all our oils are from organic origins and are CO2 based extracted to preserve all the beneficial component of the Weed plant. We have CBD, THC and a mix of both available.

Pre Rolled Joints

Various types of top weed are pre Rolled daily in quality blends and we offer ready-made for the pampered or just practical weed lover.

Starts: 149THB (Piece)

Outdoor Weed

We sell all kinds off outdoor weed in the best quality, our weed comes from controlled Cannabis growers who only grow organic.

STARTS 199THB (1 Gram)


At the Coffeeshop Amsterdam we make different kinds of Skuff and olny using specially selected top quality organic weed buds.

STARTS 799THB (1 Gram) 

Thai Weed

We are selling some of the best Thai weed available, all our weed is grown outdoor with the use of organic materials only.

STARTS 299THB (10 Gram)


We are specialized in growing Indica and offer you only top quality. We also import a number of Indica strains from the USA and the Netherlands.

STARTS 599THB (1 Gram)


 We sell different hash varieties imported from all over the world. We have Polm from Morocco and Charas from Nepal, all of exceptional quality.

STARTS 399THB (1 Gram)


We are specialized in growing Sativa and offer you only top quality. We also import a number of Sativa strains from the USA and the Netherlands.

STARTS 499THB (1 Gram)

Cali Weed USA

We are the only Weed shop in Pattaya  with an assortment of Cali Weed which is imported from the USA. Top qualitee guaranteed!!!

STARTS 599THB (1 Gram)